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The Raindrop Foundation hosted “ Second neighborhood luncheon ”

 The Raindrop Foundation hosted " Second neighborhood luncheon " 

The second neighborhood luncheon program began with a video that highlighted the activities of Raindrop Foundation followed by the welcome remarks by Ersin Demirci. Afterwards, a presentation was made about the Raindrop Foundation the Helping Hands program, Turkish language classes, Coffee Nights, the annual Turkish Festival, Friday Social Nights, and our luncheon series. The guests enjoyed the best examples of traditional Turkish cuisine and Turkish tea.
The guests also had the opportunity to learn about some of the Foundation's activities, such as Turkish Olympiads and our previous Annual Dinners. This luncheon was a great way to get neighbors together. Sitting at a table and sharing a meal with friends is how memories and traditions are developed. The luncheon will help strengthen our relationship and build a strong, healthy, and vibrant neighborhood. The Raindrop Foundation believes that even in the smallest of matters one neighbor can help another and we all will benefit from our neighbor's good fortune.
15 october 2014.

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Raindrop Foundation made a donation to the City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma City

 6 october 2014,, Raindrop Foundation representatives asked the Turkish-American community members to make a donation to help people in need in Oklahoma City. The Turkish –American community of Oklahoma City agreed to the donate 120 pounds of meat to the City Rescue Mission.The donated beef was delivered to the City Rescue Mission kitchen. The manager and staff of the City Rescue Mission were there to receive the donation.They thanked the Raindrop Foundation and the Turkish-American Community for their significant contribution to the Oklahoma City community. Tayyip Oral the director of the Raindrop Foundation and provided them with information about the Foundation and their activities. He also emphasized the "importance of sharing" in Turkish cultur  15 october 2014IMG 2916


 Raindrop foundation in oklahoma city has organized Bayram (Eid) Picnic. Both local and Turkish people came together for a good time. Not only adult participants but also kids had a great opportunity of experiencing the excitement of coming together with their friends. While they were having a great time of jumping in the jumping castle, sets for them, the rest of people enjoyed the delicious Turkish foods. Participants showed their appreciation to the Raindrop foundation . House for giving this big opportunity.Raindrop F oundation provided a lot of toys to the children. (October 04, 2014. Oklahoma city, oklahoma)IMG 2870

raindrop foundation along with ice angels feed the homeless

 Raindrop Turkish House joined with Ice Angels of Epworth today to help the neediest, the homeless of OKC. Members of the Turkish community worked hard to provide a hot meal of meat balls, potatoes, rice and baklava.
The Ice Angels provided the tables and water. We were so pleased to serve 40-50 people, on this chilly day. As we set up, a homeless gentleman came to help set up tables. He expressed gratitude that someone would make the effort and care enough to feed the homeless on their day off. As we set up, people kept appearing out of nowhere.There was plenty of food to feed every one The crowd was a mix of men, women and children. As the people received their food, we heard many God bless you for caring. Most of them expressed that it is great to experience different cultural food. the Raindrop foundation will continue to feed the homeless along with Ice Angel. The Ice Angels are so blessed to have such good friends who work so hard to prepare this meal and to care for those less fortunate. --10 october 2014.IMG 2902

Oklahoma City University Student Visited Raindrop Foundation

Oklahoma City University Students

 Visited Raindrop Foundation  "Raindrop Turkish House was proud to host UCO Broncho Buddies Turkish excursion. Broncho Buddies, an intercultural program that pairs American students with international students, attended Raindrop Turkish House's biweekly Friday social night. The UCO students were able to learn about Turkish culture, language, and eat delicious Turkish cuisine. The social night also gave Raindrop Turkish House a chance to share with the students all of the services provided by the non-profit association. These services include Turkish language classes, Turkish cuisine cooking classes, a trip to Turkey, and many social events. After learning about Turkey and Raindrop Turkish House the UCO students were able to hear the calm, mysterious music of the oud, a classic stringed instrument common in Turkish culture. The event was a wonderful success and the guests left wiser, happier, and with full stomachs. Please attend the next social night for the same experiences -11october 2014

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