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November, 3rd Turkish Cooking Cuisine Class
fotograf_3_balkNovember, 3rd Turkish Cooking Cuisine Class
Fall Semester 2012 Turkish Cuisine Class Courses was held at Raindrop Turkish House in Tulsa, OK.Participants were very interested in learning different and delicious recipes. LAHMACUN (Turkish pancake with spicy meat filling), UC RENKLI SALATA (THREE LAYERED SALAD) and HALKA DESSET were taught at the lesson. At the end of class everyone tasted those food and dessert.

The guests watched the class with deep interest, asked questions, took notes on their recipes given at the beginning of the class and tried to cook by themselves. After the class, participants shared their opinions about Turkish Cuisine class.

(November 3rd, 2012,  Tulsa – OK)
Celebration Of Eid Ul Adha In Raindrop Turkish House Tulsa
20121026_192615Raindrop Turkish House celebrated the Eid-ul Adha with the local community on Sunday, October 26th, 2012 at Raindrop Turkish House in Bryan. Program started with the prayer and continued with the dinner.
Eid-ul Adha is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide. This is to commemorate the willingness of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son Prophet Ishmael (Ismail) as an act of obedience to God, yet, God intervened this process and provided Abraham with a ram to sacrifice instead of his son. The meat is divided into three parts to be distributed to others. The family retains one third of the share, the second share is given to relatives, friends and neighbors, and the last share is given to the poor& needy.

(October 26th, 2012,  Tulsa – OK)

Hurricane Sandy Victims Need Your Help Immediately
sandyhurricane1We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives and the damage because of the Hurricane Sandy at the US East Coast. Hurricane Sandy that is the largest Atlantic hurricane on record is a tropical cyclone that severely affected Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States on October 29, 2012.The cyclone brought a destructive storm surge to US East Coast , flooding numerous streets, tunnels and subway and cutting off, especially Zone A areas near waterways which were issued evacuation orders. Severe damage occurred in New Jersey, especially in the communities along the Jersey Shore. According to the records, hurricane-force winded as high as 90 miles per hour (145 kph).
September, 15th Turkish Art Ebru Class

ebrujf7Raindrop Turkish House in Tulsa started its Ebru (Water Marbling) Class on Saturday, September 15th, 2012. (September 15, 2012, Tulsa, OK)



September, 8th Turkish Cooking Cuisine Class

IMG_8122Fall Semester 2012 Turkish Cuisine Class Courses have begun September 8th at Raindrop Turkish House in Tulsa, OK. (September 08, 2012, Tulsa, OK)








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