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Kansas City Raindrop Women Association Celebrated MotherĂ­s Day
mothers_day.jpgA young man falls in love with a girl. His love for her was genuine and after a while he asks her to marry him. She, however, felt no such affection for this young man. She then asked him to prove his love by granting her one favor. Her request was a dreadful sacrifice. "If you really love me," she said, "I need to know there is no rival. Prove it to me. Take your mother's life and bring me her heart.  I will serve it to my dog". The young man was tormented with this request but went to his mother and explained. "Mother, I have fallen in love with a beautiful young girl and I wish to marry her.  If I take your heart and give it to her dog, she will marry me. Would you be willing to give me your heart"?  (May 18, 2009 Lenexa, KS)
Raindrop Turkish House Hosted Dialog Organizations
round_table.jpgRaindrop Turkish House hosted a round table meeting organized by Interfaith Council. The purpose of the gathering was to improve relationship among the different dialog organizations in Kansas City area. The event started with a tour of the Raindrop Turkish House and continued with the breakfast prepared by Turkish Americans. During the meeting participants had a chance to introduce their organizations to one another and talked about their ongoing and upcoming events. (April 8, 2009 Lenexa, KS)
A taste of Turkish Culture - Henna Night
henna_night.jpgIn any culture the rituals of marriage can bring tears of joy and sadness. With every welcoming gesture of being part of a new family, there is also a sad farewell to your own family and history. On March 26th a Turkish Bridal Party or Henna Night was sponsored by the Raindrop Turkish Cultural Center in Lenexa Kansas. Women of the Book experienced a Turkish tradition for celebrating the evening before the wedding. Handmade items were displayed. These gifts from the mother and mother-in-law are seen as examples of the domestic talents of each family. The bride enters the room veiled and sits in the middle of the gathering as a sad story is sung about a young woman who leaves her family to live with her husband.  (March 26, 2009 Lenexa, KS)
Internet Safety and How to Protect Our Kids from Internet Dangers

internet_safety.jpgWe all know that the Internet is an excellent resource for our kids to learn and to play. But we also know that it can be a self indulgent use of their time, and an unsafe playground. Therefore, Raindrop Turkish House hosted a morning talk with Mike Daniels from Kansas City FBI Field office, the topic presented was Internet Safety and protecting our children on line. Program started at 10:00 a.m. with a traditional Turkish breakfast and followed with Raindrop Turkish House’s director Mr. Murat Tatli’s brief informative speech about Raindrop Turkish House. (April 4, 2009 Lenexa, KS)

Raindrop Turkish House and IID have organized a Spiritual Night

spiritual_night.jpgSpiritual Night came out of the desire that as believers of One Creator how Jews, Christians and Muslims can come around a table and talk, share and discuss the common matters that the followers from all Abrahamic faiths believe in, in a most friendly environment without debating with one another but with loving and respecting each other. For this, Raindrop Foundation and Institute of Interfaith Dialog have organized a Spiritual Night.  (April 2, 2009 Lenexa, KS)

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