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Kurban Bayram Celebration at Village Presbyterian Church
turkish_house_3.jpgKurban Bayram commemorates the test that Abraham was placed through when asked to sacrafice his son. Abraham tells this to his son Ishmael, and Ishmael tells him to do what God wanted him to do. Prophet Abraham takes his son to Mount Mina near Mecca to make this offering to God. Prophet Abraham is ready to sacrifice his son for God, and his son Ishmael is ready to die for God. However, before the sacrifice takes place, God sends a goat with his angel Gabriel and tells Abraham that he passed the test that God had placed before him. Prophet Abraham is then asked to sacrifice the goat instead of his son as the sign of his loyalty to God.  (February 1, 2008 Prairie Village,KS)
Institute of Interfaith Dialog and Raindrop Turkish House Celebrated Kurban Bayrami
turkish_house_2.jpgOn February 19, 2008 in Lawrence, Institute of Interfaith Dialog and Raindrop Turkish House Kansas City organized a wonderful event to celebrate the festival of Kurban Bayrami-the Feast of Sacrifice. The Ecumenical Christian Ministries graciously opened their doors and hearts to host this the event. More than 100 people from all walks of life- professors and students, preachers and laymen and politicians gathered together to share common ties that bind us together as humans. At the dinner delicious traditional Turkish food prepared by local families were served, and a wonderful meal and conversation was shared by all.  (February 19, 2008 Lawrence, KS)
Raindrop Turkish House Hosted Lenexa Fire Department

lenexa_fire_depertment.jpgRaindrop Turkish House Kansas City had the pleasure of hosting the Fire Chief Dan Rhodus and Division Chiefs from the city of Lenexa Fire Department for a lunch. Guests were very kind to accept the invitation. At the program, Turkish house director Mr. Tatli gave an informative talk on Raindrop Turkish house’s activities and its services to the community in Kansas City and other cities. Friends of Turkish house thanked to Lenexa Fire Department for their wonderful services to our city. At the lunch delicious meal of traditional Turkish cooking was served. Chief Dan thanked to Turkish house executives for the invitation and their service to the community.  (September 28, 2009 Lenexa, KS)


Intercultural Trip to Turkey - August 2006

turkeytrip2006.jpgThe Institute of Interfaith Dialog and Raindrop Turkish House in Greater Kansas City area hosted Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II 10 days in Turkey, August 13th to 23rd, 2006. Some of the attendees were the Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II from Missouri's 5th congressional district, Dianne Cleaver, Emmanuel Cleaver, III, Sharon Cleaver, Rev. Wallace Hartsfield, Mrs. Matilda Hartsfield, Rev. Edward Stevenson, Jane Stevenson, Dr. Myron McCoy, president of St Paul school of Theology, Karen McCoy, Randell Ferguson, Helen Porter, Rev. Robert (Bob) Hill, Community Christian Church and Genaro Ruiz. The starting and ending place was Istanbul. Upon arriving to Istanbul Group took a bluer cruise tour in Bosphorus. (13-23 August, 2006 Turkey)

Whirling Dervishes of Rumi

whirling_dervishes.jpgIn generosity and helping others BE LIKE A RIVER

In Compassion and grace BE LIKE SUN 

In concealing others’ faults BE LIKE DEAD 

In modesty and humility BE LIKE EARTH 

In tolerance BE LIKE A SEA


The Institute of Interfaith Dialog and Raindrop Foundation Kansas City organized a display of Whirling Dervishes on September 28th, 2004, at the Lyric Opera House. More than 1000 gathered to see the display of Dervishes from Turkey and to learn the symbolism behind each part of the Sema, from the clothing, to the hand positioning, to the music, to the always immobile left foot of each dervish. (September28, 2004 Kansas City, KS)

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