2014 RAWA Cooking Class Reunion

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Raindrop Women's Association celebrated the end of the cooking classes of of this semester with a great reunion party.

All students, even from the first cooking class of the organization, were invited and the room was full of lovely faces who cooked, ate and shared so many recipes and ideas around a table together.

The night, of course, began with a delicious dinner with so many dishes from the rich Turkish cuisine. After the welcome speech, Diane Gomez, a student from the first cooking class of 2004 shared some of her memories. Then, Roberta Parillo was given her gift because of her performance and representing Austin at the Turkish Olympiad Cooking Contest in Houston this year by Gee Clark who was the last years' participant. Then all the guests had fun with the games and contests prepared for them.

'Silent Screams' Panel Discussion

IMG 3180Raindrop Women's Association Austin had another memorable Coffee Night this week. Because March has the International Women's Day in it, the night was titled as "Silent Screams" with a panel discussion about abuse against women.

Our three keynote speakers, Kim Andrews, founder and CEO of the Red Circle movement, Amy Allen, Community Organizer from Safe Place Shelter, and Linda Phan, Executive Director of Asian Family Support Services of Austin were asked several questions varying "What would be the definition of abuse?", "Why women don't leave when they are abused?", "What is the role of community in terms of helping the victims or preventing the abuse?" or "Is it possible to keep the children safe in an abusive environment?" by our moderator Roberta Parrillo from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and took turns to answer or comment on them. 

At the end of the panel discussion, the women in the room were also given a chance to ask their questions or comment on the issues discussed. It was an inspiring night with a story shared by a victim of abuse, so many ideas and thoughts from women with different cultural and religious background.

8th Annual Turkish Culture and Language Olympiad held at Hobby Center in Houston

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The 8th Annual Turkish Culture and Language Olympiad, organized by Raindrop Foundation, was held at Hobby Center in Houston on Saturday, February 15, 2014.  Over three thousand viewers enjoyed this festive atmosphere where students, parents, teachers and guests enjoyed live performances in different languages including English, Turkish, French and Spanish. The MC of the program was ABC 13’s Vice-President, Community of Community Affairs.

A message from Raindrop Foundation about "The aid campaign for Israel forest fire in 2010"

Statement from the President of Raindrop Foundation regarding the news on the media about our foundation and the past aid campaigns of Raindrop Helping Hands:

Raindrop Turkish Cultural Center is a foundation established based on the laws of the United States. One of its functions is aid campaigns organized through Raindrop Helping Hands. The mission of this institution is to extend a helping hand to disaster victims and the needy without regard to their religion, language, race or ethnicity. For this purpose, we organized aid campaigns for Haiti earthquake, Pakistan flood, Van earthquake, Japan tsunami, New Mexico and Texas forest fires, and Oklahoma and Mississippi flood disasters.

The aid campaign for Israel forest fire that was tweeted about and later appeared on the media was a campaign for helping with the reforestation efforts. The amount of $25,021.20 raised during the campaign was presented to the consul general of Israel at a program we hosted at our cultural center.

As Turkish-Americans, we will feel sensitive and sympathy for anyone in need regardless of their religion, language, race and ethnicity in the United States, a country promoting multiculturalism and dialogue and continue our aid efforts in the future.

Click Here to Read this Message in Turkish

Meat Donation to The Refugees

refugee kapakIn collabration with Amaanah Refugee Services, Raindrop Women Association donated 200 pounds stew meat to 40 Refugee Families in Houston on 12/14/2013. Thank you to our teen volunteers for their help during the distrubition. 



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